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Sunday, March 21st, 2010
10:50 pm
Foreman just gracefully ignored the comment; Cameron’s face seemed to reflect enough disgust for the both of them. Maybe the change in plans had affected the team more then what had been let on. Yet in all honesty, Foreman found no right to complain. Wilson had allowed them all to tag along, even when it was an obvious inconvenience. So as far as he was concerned, it wasn’t their choice to bitch and moan about the way the trip was played out. Of course, they had done well to hold back signs of frustration, but it seemed to cause a rather tender spot in everyone’s patience.

Cameron smiled over at Cuddy once House backed off. Just the way the woman seemed to manage the older doctor made her smile. If only House would be considerate without it being an order, but that was just her hopeful dreaming. As the oncologist went to make his reservation, Cameron maneuvered to a rack of pamphlets, coincidentally away from the one House seemed to be looming over. As she scanned over one, she began to gleam at all the sights to see around this place. Taking it with her, she noticed the others were already over at the desk. Wilson was merely ignoring House’s usual act, the ones meant for his own embarrassment. Keeping his cool, he just smiled at the clerk, who was laughing nervously. Obviously, she hadn’t dealt with many of Houses stature, but she seemed to relax as Wilson kept cool. That is, until Chase brushed against his shoulder.

“There’s no need to stay lo-“ he began before getting cut off by Cameron. “He’s right; there are plenty of things to see here. There’s even a little Italy and even some markets.” Cameron filled in. Her finger glided along the pamphlet resting contently close to Chase with eyes on Wilson. The oncologist couldn’t help but stammer at her words, especially with Chase cutting in as well. Even if Miami was close, they could stop at other rest stops, more planned out ones, but it seemed no one was having it. “I think we could all use a break. It was a long day today; maybe another day or two would help us get in a better mood. After all, we’ll need to be relaxed to keep sane in that car all together.” Foreman explained with a smile on his face, one that seemed to cause Cameron to beam. It seemed the whole team was game with the idea, and Foreman made a valid point, they would need to rest up so no bodies ended up tossed on the freeway before they crossed into Florida; namely House’s.

Wilson was about to detest until Cuddy cut in. His face tensed as he glanced at her, then to everyone else. He wasn’t going to win this one was he? Letting a deep sigh exhale exaggeratedly from his nostrils, he turned back to the woman. “Make that…three nights including this one…” Wilson replied. Cameron seemed to overcome to excitement as she hissed a declare of success. Foreman smiled as he flipped through the list of rooms before stumbling onto one he found suitable. “I like the estate room, are you alright with that Chase?” Foreman asked politely. To his other side, Cameron was flipping through another book the receptionist fetched her. “Oh Cuddy. You think this room is alright?” she replied, pushing the book closer to her. Deep down Cameron adored the room, but she held her composure. She was beginning to settle down from everything, reverting back to her quiet and collected nature; not to mention she was facing her boss’s boss.

While the others decided their rooms, Wilson grabbed the key. Silently he was feeling irked about staying longer. There really wasn’t a reason why, not a logical reason anyway, but the idea of staying in a room obviously meant for lovers didn’t sit well. Sure, this was the trip to confess to House, but he didn’t wish to do so so soon, or after such an ordeal. Greeting the rest goodnight, he began to head toward the elevator, knowing House would likely be right behind him; it didn’t matter though since Wilson just wanted to get some sleep. “Okay..so we’re room 1-12.” Wilson stated aloud as he boarded the compact elevator.
Thursday, March 18th, 2010
4:51 pm
Now this was more like it.

House couldn’t help the amused expression on his face, and he certainly couldn’t contain himself as it flourished and sprouted right into a thin grin. He was surprised it was Cameron who erupted first, but this only spurred on his humor and caused him to face the group behind him and wriggle his eyebrows at the young doctor to further prod at her rarely roused fire. “Did you hear that Foreman, she said the ‘S’ word! She wants you to sleep alone, next she’ll be asking you to carry all our bags.” There was a tight glint of malicious interest in his eyes as he flicked his gaze between Cameron and Cuddy for added measure, “So are you two going to have a pillow fight at some point during the night? I volunteer to be the referee-“

“House, if you say one more thing, I swear I’ll personally pack you into a taxi and send you home.” The appearance of a particular crease along Cuddy’s brow made it very apparent that she wasn’t joking. While she relished the fact that House had waited until the end of the night to start spouting his asinine comments, it also meant that they would go to bed with a foul mood if it kept up.

Normally House would have carried on, but Wilson had caught up just as the Diagnostician pressed against the main desk, so he let this battle go and ignored the feathers that could have used further ruffling. There would be plenty of time to piss them off later, besides that there was an entire display of informational pamphlets at the desk just begging to be taken, his pale blue eyes scanning each of them for only a handful of seconds before he would shove it back messily.

And then his ears burned.

There was an instant in which Gregory felt a pang of sharp irritation as he glanced between Wilson’s natural flirtation skills, and the result of such a deadly art as the receptionist flushed subtly and giggled. He had watched Wilson flirt hundreds of times before, but never this close. House couldn’t pinpoint why it annoyed him so much at the moment, but it did and made him narrow his eyes at the two of them, at least until the receptionist decided to back off and offer them roses on their pillows.

The expression on Wilson’s face was priceless.

Far be it for House to not chime in.

“You promised me strawberries and champagne, Jimmy.” House exaggerated the pout just for the receptionist’s show, tossing a mockery of puppy eyes in Wilson’s direction for a moment, and then whispering to the girl. “Sometimes I think he doesn’t care, what with the way he refuses to pamper me right.” There was a disappointed click of the tongue to emphasize their fake relationship’s problem, House smirking and jabbing a thumb at the four behind them as he carried on, “Oh, and the kids do need to be separated, all those raging hormones, can’t trust them to keep their hands to themselves. Especially since one of them is adopted, bet you can’t tell which one-”

“Is there any way we could stay a little longer?” Chase interrupted the awkward display and wedged himself between the two elder doctors, pointing at the pamphlets –now wrinkled due to House’s ministrations- and glancing at Wilson with a small smile. “There’s a couple of neat things around here. If we leave tomorrow, we’ll get to Miami far too early. Can’t we just relax for a day, or two?”

"It would be nice to linger a bit, we're always on high speed at work, there's no reason for that here." Cuddy added with a smile, one that was almost too pleased at the fact the Australian had raised the suggestion. After all, Wilson could feel obligated to do it if she mentioned it, but if it was someone else's idea they all agreed with, then it was just a matter of simple majority.
Thursday, March 11th, 2010
3:04 pm
Everyone seemed to be excited but House, yet when was that ever a surprise? Truth was, this vacation was for House…and him, so both being happy was kind of a necessity. But with this minor mishap it might take some drinks and a nap for House to get over it, maybe being out of the cramped car surrounded by his team and boss might loosen him up. He couldn’t help but smirk from Cuddy’s statement of dropping him off somewhere, at least one of them wanted to have some fun. Plus the place he picked was gorgeous, so it could be considered romantic-he had been aiming for that- but in his defense, he wanted to pamper himself after the disappointment in New York. He was about to answer, but House never failed to chime in with some piggish remark. Cameron glanced disgustedly at House, her eyes shooting daggers House had no hope of escaping.

“Do you always have to ruin a good time House? Just because you’re cranky about New York.” Cameron scowled, at this point ignoring Wilson’s looks of apology. Wilson couldn’t always sweep something House said under the rug. In all fairness, she wasn’t too thrilled about the change in the plans either, but there was no sense of making the whole trip rotten. After a glare in Houses direction and trying to calm both Cameron and Cuddy from their retched turns in their faces, Wilson turned to the women with a smile. “Now you know House means nothing by it, it’s all talk for him.” He explained, about to suggest a resolution but Cameron didn’t shy away from cutting him off. “Forget it…I’ll room with Cuddy. Keep it segregated.” Cameron huffed, falling back to stand by Cuddy. Wilson sighed a breath of relief, but what would pass for one of aggravation. “I suppose that would work anything to keep this peaceful.” Wilson replied.

“You know we’re going to put you with House right?” Foreman asked bluntly. Wilson turned to the sudden calm outburst. Honestly, Wilson felt fortunate that he didn’t cause suspicion with his willingness to take a room with House. Of course, it was bound to result in the following pairs, but it was easier to have everyone else decide it for him. Yet in all honesty, he wasn’t looking forward to this night. His lusts for House didn’t compare to his discomfort with dealing with House’s shit. No matter his feelings, House still managed to dig into his skin and camp out there to his liking. What had he gotten himself into and was it really worth it? “Now you don’t need to punish me, I know I got us off track but I don’t think I deserve this.” He joked with the other. Foreman gave a friendly smile before following them all inside. It was nothing personal, but Wilson always seemed better equipped for handling House; how he managed to do it for so many years baffled and confused Eric.

Once they were all inside, the warmth of the still heater washed over them. The reception area was lit in gold, a different sight from the quaint look of the brick foundation outside along a sidewalk. Wilson brushed it off though; to him this was just a cozy, temporary bunking before they went on their way. He loved to lavish himself and with how things were going, he could use a dazzled room to recuperate and prepare for the rest of the trip. Catching up with House, he turned to look at him while the others trailed behind. “Guess you’re stuck with me…no one else could put up with you overnight let alone 15 years.” Wilson explained with a little smirk on his face. With that, he walked over to the main desk as a chipper looking receptionist flashed him a smile. “Welcome to the Carrollton Inn, what room would you like?” she asked him. As she waited, Wilson flipped through the booklet, scanning over stills of the rooms. Of course, he found the one he wanted. “I’ll take the Carroll Suite.” He answered. “Ooh, long night?” she asked. Was his demeanor that obvious, she could read the stress from New York all over his face? But he simply smiled, flashing her one of his famous gazes, the ones that seemed to turn any woman into a giggling pile of goop. “Yeah, and it could be a longer night…” he replied, his tone hazed with suggestive undertones. From the fit of stifled giggles, it seemed she took it as a hint to meet him there later; but for him it also implied that he prepared to deal with House for the rest of the night.

“So will that just be for one?” she asked, composing herself. “Oh no, that’ll be two.” He replied, eyes motioning toward the tall male beside him. The woman glanced over to him, and though handsome, she nodded in sudden understanding. “Oh! I see, well then would you be interested in one of our romance packages?” she asked. “Wha.” Wilson attempted to say but she quickly continued, leaving Wilson dumbfounded. “The All exclusive getaway is a favorite, but if its short notice, I could put you down for the romance and roses, or the spa pack-“ she explained but was soon cut off by Wilson. “No no…just the room is fine.” He replied waving a hand at the woman. He would have cut her off sooner, but he was just surprised he would be mistaken for gay without a second thought. Of course he should have guessed when he realized such a fancy placed lacked the platonic two bedded rooms. He would have defended his sexuality, if he had one to defend anymore, but honestly he had just been so blindsided it had taken a moment to regain his train of thought.

Of course…those packages did sound inviting…but obviously it went unmentioned as he began to sign into the guest book.

“And how about the rest of you? I assume men and women are bunking separately?” she asked, now addressing the rest of the group. “Oh and how long will you be staying?” she asked. Wilson chimed in just as he finished signing his name. “One night is all thanks.” He replied.
Wednesday, March 10th, 2010
12:17 pm
D8 I wish it wasn't such a crappy present! ;w;
Had he known when he had woken up this morning that he’d be trapped in Wilson’s limitedly spaced car with his Team and boss, House more than likely would have opted for inducing a permanent nap. He hadn’t bargained for this, and if House had it in himself to believe in a cynical higher power, he would have insisted that this was punishment. Though for what he couldn’t pinpoint. Surely he was an outstanding citizen in the eyes of any deity.

The roll of his eyes was covered by the fact he had his eyes shut to the glitter and awe of their surroundings.

Everyone else seemed to be taking the twist of events in stride. The whole car ride had brimmed with idle chat about sites to see and potential photo opportunities, House groaning mentally and out loud just to break the jittery anticipation. He felt like a child grounded without due cause, his overbearing mother being the concocted mix of Cuddy’s pursed lips and Wilson’s furrowed brows. The ducklings took their role as the younger siblings, pecking at him with stupid comments and the very fact they existed.

Bluntly stated: House was miserable.

He had hoped someone, Wilson especially, would have stepped up and sparred with him about the entire ordeal. Instead they simply piled back into the car and drove onward, like a bedazzled group of pioneers. What if they got lost and missed the event? What if Wilson fell asleep at the wheel? What if they crashed and died? He certainly didn’t want to spend all of eternity haunting the roadways with this lot.

He was pointedly upset at the fact Wilson wouldn’t even look at him, not that he felt dejected, but it would have been nice to throw the Oncologist a scowl or two. Eventually House couldn’t tell how long they had been on the road, the rest of the car falling silent as one then another of the passengers drifted off into a light sleep. He watched the lights of the city burn brighter as they careened gently towards it, the shift of the car as it exited the ramp enough to rouse everyone and earn the spot of life in the night a general calamity of appreciation.

Wilson broke the silence and they all seemed to perk up further, the long awaited need for a place to stretch and rest made them shiver with anticipation. “All the style I need requires a bar and cable.” Because he’d need a hangover to sleep through for the morning’s drive if House was expected to not maim someone.

“We’ll drop you off at a two star motel then.” Cuddy stated with less irritation than she normally would have allowed, perhaps the time away from the stresses of the hospital was already at work? She didn’t particularly mind either way so long as her Blackberry didn’t buzz with urgent news of Plainsboro going up in flames. Then again, with House here with her, Cuddy was fairly certain the hospital was safer than ever.

“It’s so beautiful, maybe we should just stay here for two weeks.” A soft laugh followed her statement as they stepped out of the car once Wilson found a suitable place to park, her smile doing nothing to dissipate the glare House shot her for daring to suggest the idea. It really would be nice to shack up in such a lovely place for a long while, unfortunately the Venetian architecture made it obvious that the environment was better suited for romance than simply a getaway.

“How’re we bunking then?” Chase chirped as he followed along the tail end of the group, eyeing the decorative lights that clung to the trees along the walkway as he tugged his bag higher on his shoulder.

“I’ll ask if they have an orgy room we can all pile into,” House didn’t even bother to hide the smirk as several of his colleagues threw him less than pleased glances, “if not, then I call Cameron and Cuddy as my roommates. Remember to leave your clothes at the door, ladies.” He was fairly certain Cuddy was about ready to deck him, so the Diagnostician was quick to amble into the hotel, and to their horror, head up to the counter to very loudly repeat himself for humor’s sake.
Saturday, January 16th, 2010
9:07 pm
Hope it gets better as it goes down D8
It almost caused Wilson to jump out of his waxed shoes when House asked about a distraction. True it had been short notice and he wouldn’t have known, but even aside from the planning something about this trip was alright distracting him. God he felt awful and secretly embarrassed about all of this, not only did House see his error but so did most of the colleagues he conversed with at the hospital. Feeling a warm hand grasp his shoulder, smelling Cuddy’s perfume, it seemed to put a smile on his face. She was truly a wonderful woman; how she didn’t have someone surprised the oncologist. He looked down at the map, still looking uncertain, but looking at everyone he could see going home would be a waste. And it honestly felt Cuddy was talking to a child when coddling him, he couldn’t appear as such. As they closed into the café, he watched House pout about his failure, and he nodded to himself. Now that they were all here, Wilson pulled opened the map and laid it out for all to see.

Cameron smiled as she grabbed the coffee and nodded. “Yeah, only House could complain about that. But hopefully Wilson will see this vacation is salvageable.” Cameron replied. Foreman held the cup to his mouth but remained silent. He didn’t want to get into this mess while House was throwing a temper tantrum. And it seemed the softer superior was willing to continue on as the silent neurologist glanced at the map curiously.

“Okay, so if we hit the Turnpike again and get on the I-295..we should be able to take the I-95 south into Baltimore where we can stay for the night and continue on. I’ll be alright driving tonight, and I might have one of you drive tomorrow…except House..” he muttered, there was no way he was going to trust House driving his car. Everything was in mint condition and House would get all aroused to have the opportunity to damage it in some way. Sighing to himself, he closed the map and smiled at the others. “Go ahead and get some coffee…it’s going to be a five hour drive..don’t spill anything.” He added scolding to the others, but a smile quickly replaced it. “Look’s like we’re going to Florida…hope you brought a swimsuit.” He pointed out before heading to the café. After all of this a doughnut and coffee could really settle him about now.

Cameron smiled as she leaned in her chair. “I can just pick one up along the way. What about you guys?” she asked. She was honestly excited to head to the beach, it sounded more appealing than watching trucks crush one another. But truth be told, she did enjoy the excitement, like the time House took her to one. But after work, the less hysteria the better in her opinion, so this could be an overall enjoyable trip, so long as the coffee kept her awake. Foreman smirked at the idea of a beach, that would definitely be nice and House being pissy was secretly amusing. After all the snide remarks and his odd revelation to bring him and the others along-likely for some kind of vengeance against Wilson- seeing him irritated made the trip for Eric. This might be more fulfilling then he anticipated.

Five hours drifted by in the peaceful silences of the night, so much so Wilson couldn’t figure who was asleep or awake. He kept eyes on the road, preferring not to watch House sulk. Once they got to Baltimore he would find the closest rest place there, of course the closest nicer of the hotels. There was no way he was crashing on a bed that vibrated and was laced with a sticky substance he would rather not know the contents of. Shivering it was a lift to his muscles when he spotted the town up ahead. Quickly entering the 95 he proceeded into town, ready to hit the sack for the night. Yet his exhaustion didn’t limit him for taking in the beauty of the town. Wherever they had landed, they were lucky. Behind him he heard coos of awe as other passengers witnessed the lights. There was even a little Italy close by, and would his luck have it, he spotted the perfect place. “To make up for the unfortunate change in plans, what do you guys say we crash in style tonight?” Wilson asked, his head leaning back with his eyes still focused ahead. Before them lay the Carrollton Inn, a bed and breakfast Wilson was already getting enthusiastic about; it was about time they all got to live life as would on a doctors wage.
4:37 pm
8| I'm not happy with it, but I srsly couldn't beat it into better shape x'D
He had been to New York plenty of times, but never just as the lights were beginning to flicker to life and the mood of the entire city shifted from high style to party-hearty. It made House grin in anticipation, more so as he caught sight of the dome that would house the rally of his dreams. Not that Wilson was allowed to know that’s what he had dubbed it in his mind; the younger doctor may take it to mean that this whole outing meant more to House than it should have, and those sorts of assumptions simply were not allowed.

The cramped team could be heard releasing sighs and stretching muscles as they neared their destination, the speed bumps through the entryway jostling them all with heavy sways. None seemed to mind as they all craned their necks trying to catch the first glimpse of the boisterous posters that advertised the monstrous beasts they were to see. Wilson had the advantage of seeing the poster first, and House quickly deducted that something hadn’t gone quite as planned based on the other’s mumbling and crestfallen expression.

Where as Wilson seemed shattered by frustration at the news, House experienced a perplexed annoyance. That quickly enough shifted to flat out irritation at the accusation he received, the narrowed expression he silently hissed in Foreman’s direction the only warning of thin ice. “I screw with people’s lives, not with things actually worth leaving alone.” He took a moment to rifle through a pocket and turn away from the unconvinced stare of his underling, tonguing the bitter taste of Vicodin before swallowing it as he headed in the general direction of the others, winging away from the group enough to make up for their constricted ride.

“You didn’t really have anything to do with it, did you?”

Cuddy’s voice was quieted to keep the younger doctors from overhearing her doubt as she flocked to his side, but House would have rather she shouted it, and barked back with a loud ‘No!’ to silence any belittlement her tone would curve with afterwards. Her raised brow and tip of chin let him know that perhaps he should have responded more maturely, but House could care less as he hobbled toward Wilson for an explanation. “There’s no way you couldn’t have known about this, you planned everything, you were in charge, what could have distracted you enough to have screwed up?”

“House.” Cuddy narrowed her eyes at the diagnostician, lips pursing slightly to dare him to snap at her again, which he was about to do but she stole away her attention to Wilson and offered her most sympathetic smile just to irritate House further. “No one’s blaming you, everyone’s just as upset as you.”

“I’d say I’m more upset actually.”

“Shut up, House.” She softened the edge in her voice again and motioned toward the map in Wilson’s hands, “You’re in charge of this trip, if you want to just turn around and head home, we will. But I did give us all two weeks of vacation, Miami’s only a few days drive total so time wouldn’t be wasted, and I’m sure everyone would pitch in and take turns driving.” There was a part of her that wished she hadn’t agreed to come along as an extended car ride didn’t seem all that appealing, but the greater majority of her hoped their time hadn’t been wasted and crossed her mental fingers that Wilson would ebb away from frustration and agree to the trip. She needed the vacation, Cuddy was sure they all did, and Miami sounded awfully pleasant. A real getaway compared to New York.

Chase sipped thoughtfully on the awful coffee he just finished purchasing at the café, eyeing the distinct body language rippling throughout his car companions, and instinctively bee-lining towards Cameron and Foreman out of familiarity. The blond held out his small cup of coffee to the other two in invitation of a bitter drink as he approached, “If House did have something to do with this, I can’t say I’m too upset with the negative of all this being we’ll be forced to sunbathe in Florida.” He grinned cheerily at that, opting for the assumption they would be going along with the trip only because House had seemed too enthused about the giant cars and Wilson too enthused about going in general.
Sunday, November 22nd, 2009
11:46 pm
Iceburg! Right ahead! O.o

Along the way to Cuddy’s house, things were shockingly silent. Great, not only would he get little privacy, the fellows weren’t even going to bother communicating. So what was the point of them coming along then? Oh that’s right, for House’s sheer amusement. Letting out a sigh, Wilson chose to pay too close of attention to the road, averting any gaze from falling on the others. Suddenly, the silence was shattered like a plate hopelessly colliding against the floor. Eyes shifting to House, he gave a ‘don’t even think about it’ glance. He was in no mood to deal with this crap while he would be racing down a freeway to New York. The scenery reflected off the lenses of Houses cheap sunglasses, before he noticed one of those haunting blue eyes reflecting back at him.

“Honestly House..just use this time to keep planning. I don’t need any pranks while going seventy-five on an open road thanks.” he replied before glancing out of the front windshield.

Luckily it didn’t take long for them to round Cuddy’s corner, oddly that sounded better before the fact. Now Wilson just hoped they would be able to behave themselves the short distance to New York, at least they would have plenty of time. It wasn’t far, so they would be there before nightfall if they were lucky. Still, even a few minutes could feel like hours, and with everyone piling into his car, he was in for a long and far from dull ride down the Jersey turnpike. Cuddy’s neighborhood gave Wilson a very homey feeling, missing living in a cozy home of his own. Seeing Cuddy standing full heeled on her porch didn’t come as much of a surprise, nor did the knowledge of how things would change once she took a seat. House wouldn’t dare be so calm with his busty boss sitting squarely behind him. Though glancing back as he popped the trunk, it seemed Cuddy would be sitting behind the driver’s seat. Maybe his luck was taking a more optimistic turn.

“Of course not, you know me and House are always one step behind your attendance.” He joked friendlily with her.

Honestly he once pondered a relationship with Cuddy, she was stable, mature and very similar to himself; obviously someone he would never be attracted to as the thought of his true love interest crossed his mind. Not failing to meet some invisible cue, House shot a questionable compliment toward Cuddy’s breasts. Once that made Wilson feel extremely awkward, hearing his friend be so outspoken about their bosses features always made him cringe; House always managing to never be filed for harassment or termination. Even though it was common knowledge Cuddy didn’t mind it too much, it still made Wilson cringe recollecting that this was their boss of all people. Gritting his sculpted jaw, his tie suddenly feeling tighter then when he put it on, he released the brake and traveled out, heading for the big apple.


Finally crossing the Holland tunnel, the lights breaking through the distance brought a sigh of relieve to Wilson. His shoulders relaxed and he even leaned back in his seat. The sun was just starting to pass over and the lights were beginning to signal the night life rising up on the horizon. Now all he had to look forward to was settling into their rooms and getting some rest, maybe watching some random show with House on Animal Planet. And maybe, just maybe, he could settle down for Iron Chef that would be on in a half hour. But first, they would be passing the scene of what will soon be called the most grand of truck rallies. Old rivals separated by rusted old cars a third their size, attempting to crush one another with a half time show of a demolition derby. For the first time on this whole hour drive, Wilson felt excited about what was to come. Then, a sign posted out front wiped his face clean of any color.

“You have to be kidding me…” he muttered aloud.

‘Monster of Kings: Truck rally and derby.


See front desk for details’

“When did the show relocate?” Wilson nearly exclaimed, hovering over the front desk.

“I’m sorry sir, the stadium had to close down, renovations of the east wing have been set behind schedule, we were hoping to have it done before the show but-“

“Well where is it going to be? Is it in another city? How many hours away?” Wilson asked, his eyes closed trying to hold back his frustrations from being reflected onto the innocent desk clerk.

“Well yes..but it’s not here sir…it’s been moved to Miami.”

“Miami?! Why would they take it in the completely opposite direction?” Wilson barked, but the clerk seemed to understand that his anger was directed to the coordinators, that or she flat out didn’t give a shit about his aggravation.

“It’s their next stop on their tour, they must have figured it would be easier to just start the tour in Florida earlier, just allow those planning for the Miami show to get in early.” She replied, shrugging. “I’m sorry sir, but I could give you a map if you need one.” she offered, set back a bit as Wilson hit his head against the counter.

Cameron looked a bit disappointed, while Foreman just looked flat out annoyed. “Seriously, should I have expected any different?” Foreman asked, getting a look from Cameron ordering him to be compassionate for Wilson’s frustrations, but he just glanced away, looking over to House. “So what is it this time? Holding the notice email from Wilson to make him drive all the way out here? Or did you go so far as to actually screw with the renovation schedule just to get one big laugh?” Foreman asked, figuring this whole invitation was just setting the pieces in play for House to have one big laugh over his team, boss and colleague.

“Does it really matter? We might as well think about how we are going to get there.” Cameron argued. There was no point dropping the blame on someone, they either would go home or go to the show either way. Grabbing a copy of the now useless, as far as New York was concerned, schedule for the Monster of Kings show before heading over to the table. “Let’s just go sit down and think of what we can do.” Cameron replied, shuffling off toward the cheap café area, not about to give into the negative turn of events, especially if this had been one of Houses games. Slowly, Wilson raised his head from the table, slowly taking the map that had been offered to him.

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009
12:43 pm
All Aboard!
There was something particularly wrong about not having to refrain from annoying the living daylights out of every new car-invader. Although it would have been good and easy to pester Cameron about participating in a Girls Gone Wild shoot along the road, and to remind Foreman to bring extra sun tan lotion lest he discover another shade; House simply felt little urge to even muster up the energy for it.

Instead he sat and belittled them all within his mind, shutting his eyes and letting the familiar world of New Jersey flit past him as they were driven from home to home. The worst he did was continuously open and close the window beside him, counting the times and estimating Wilson would say something about it after the two hundredth time.

Gregory was bothered by the sensation of it all coming together. He could smell Chase’s freshly showered hair mingling with Cameron’s lightly applied perfume, and he could hear the way Foreman’s nostrils flared as he grinned for whatever reason behind them. Soon enough he would be forced –alright, perhaps that wasn’t quite the word- to stare as Cuddy’s breasts swayed with every bump and pothole. The whole of it was that this would be his makeshift prison for the duration of his vacation.

Maybe he should have tamed the revenge down a notch.

House shut his eyes to the sun as it streamed between buildings and trees, the sunglasses weren’t quite working with the sun at such an angle, wondering lightly just how much the oncoming aggravation would be worth it in the end. So he had meant to piss off Wilson, ruffle his feathers and get him to react for once in his silk tie world; but maybe next time Gregory would think back on his current situation and revert to just malicious pranks. Which suddenly reminded him…

“House is smirking. I suddenly feel very unsafe in this seat.”

Chase’s lathered remark made Gregory realize that he was indeed smirking, one eye flitting open so he could regard the Australian dismissively, “Relax, I’m only in the planning stages of making you all miserable.” That didn’t seem to placate Chase’s immediate security issue, though House couldn’t find it in himself to care as he continued to reminisce about his satisfying pranks on Wilson when they had been roommates. It was only natural to assume that they would be pulling into a bed and breakfast of some sort eventually, colonial high-life style if he knew Wilson’s tastes, and it made House’s mind reel with possibilities.

The problem would be making sure there were no witnesses. Meaning he’d need Wilson alone in order to effectively execute even a single globule of hilarity.

Wilson’s bed covered head to foot with bucket loads of ice. Wilson’s clothes mysteriously being strung down the length of their hall. And if Wilson was persistent enough to pack a tie –which House would have staked his life on- then that would be treated to something special as well. And then there was the rest of the gaggle.

As they rounded the corner to Cuddy’s block, which Greg was more than shamefully familiar with, he suddenly felt so much better about the entire trip. He finally had a goal in mind, or at the very least a mission. House would brainstorm a flurry of ideas on the dull road ahead, aiming to pester every individual in their little tour group of fun. If someone was maimed along the way, so be it, House only knew that it would humor him and that prospect alone greeted him with open arms.


Having more than enough practice with anxious taxis ready to zip her off to whatever big named conference she was expected at, Lisa was well-prepared to bolt out the door by the time she spotted Wilson’s car arching into her block. A final glance to ensure the windows were all shut and the shades drawn boosted her confidence that she’d come home to all her possessions again, the final rattle of the door knob assuring her all was safe and secure.

Having paid her neighbor a nice amount to keep an eye on the place also helped fuel her security.

Cuddy tugged her wheeled luggage down the walkway to meet Wilson as he pulled up in front of her yard, the tense wondering if her employees would find this excessively strange to vacation with her crossing her mind once again as she smiled. “I was beginning to think you’d forgotten about me.” She quipped gently to James, not failing to notice House’s unnervingly humored expression as she rounded the vehicle to wedge her luggage however it would fit in the back. Thankfully, she didn’t have as much of an issue in scooting herself into her presumed assigned seat.

“Hey, if Cuddy can have two large carry-ons with her, shouldn’t the rest of us?”

At least she had a window seat, it’d be easier to distract herself from House’s nonsensically annoying comments.

The hours and days ahead looked brighter already.
Monday, May 18th, 2009
3:41 pm
We're back!!

Wilson’s hands still held the wheel tightly. Just seeing Chase place his bags neatly in his truck made this more real then he desired.  His mind focused back onto the words of House, inviting everyone on the floor along for the ride; shockingly with an impressive jolly tone with it. Of course it was the result of sarcasm; still House had a talent for convincing people. If only House hadn’t been so stubborn then they wouldn’t be going through this now. Once the younger doctor made it around to Houses side of the car, Wilson took a deep breath, realizing the irritation that would be rising on and off again throughout the next two weeks. Deciding to look over, he watched as Chase climbed into his car. He gave Robert a kind smile in return before the male was suddenly pushed too close for comfort.

 His eyes shot over to House attempting for his friend to sense the burning stare; he was just going to get a kick out of this for the whole vacation wasn’t he?  Sighing, he too squirmed within his seat trying to get comfortable. Silently, he agreed with Chase, giving House a commanding glare to nudge over. But then, the two seemed to create some awkward innuendo that only brought more discomfort. He tried not to blush, but the look on his face displayed his understanding to where this was heading. If he had not been so surprised, he would’ve noticed that there was a split moment where he and Houses eyes met. Then, following a very tense short silence, House nudged himself over and gave Chase and Wilson more room to breathe; something Wilson needed at this point.

 “Only after I filed a restraining order on your cane, my shin had too many black eyes.” he tossed back before pulling away from the curb.

 If he hadn’t made a comeback, both colleagues could become suspicious. Now all he could think about was how long of a trip this was going to be. Hiding his secret from both the source of his affection and his team was going to serve as more trouble than it was worth. Then again, maybe it would be worth it in the end, but remembering the kind of man House was filled his gut with doubt. This was going to be a challenging getaway, but it would be better if House found out face to face rather than piecing the puzzle together. No matter how attractive Houses session of pondering could be, it wouldn’t be so pleasing if he discovered Wilson’s secret. Drifting in and out of his thoughts, the only thing that seemed to remain in focus was the road before him.

 Piling in soon after Chase was Cameron, since she was almost next door to him in driving distance. Luckily nothing happened with Cameron like the incident with Chase; instead, she just crawled into the back seat and gave each of them a smile. Of course he figured he and Chase were the only two who actually responded. Now all he needed to do was pick up Foreman and Cuddy; unfortunately they were out of the way. As his car began to lose its acceleration, he noticed that Foreman had already noticed them approaching. Refraining from using the horn, Wilson just leaned back in his chair.


 After letting the curtains drift back into place, Foreman made his way over toward his bed. Grabbing at the bags scattered across it, he positioned them in a way comfortable for carrying. Even though he had been invited, imagining a vacation with his boss wasn’t the most pleasant idea. Still, at least he would have other people to converse with; House could always just seek company in Wilson. Sighing to himself, unsure of how the turnout would be from this vacation, he pushed open the door.

 Standing on his porch, he enjoyed the scent of the early afternoon around him. A light breeze passed his way as he turned to lock the door. Dropping one of his bags on the stoop, he fiddled with the lock until his home was secure. Once he finished, he shoved the key into his coat pocket before reaching for the bag. Turning, he could see House sitting near the window, his confidence plummeted further. Spotting Chase in between House and Wilson brought a smile to his face though; this would be entertaining. He wore the smile as he descended the steps and maneuvered toward the trunk of the car.

 As Wilson politely opened the trunk for him upon arrival, Foreman set his things on top of unmarked luggage. He figured everyone could tell their luggage apart, still he noticed the scribbled marks of Wilsons name on the tags. Grinning, he closed the trunk before walking over on Wilson’s side. Avoiding the option of crawling over Cameron, he swiftly scooted over to the middle of the back seat; meeting his eyes to the bundle of blonde locks known as Chase. Even with his uncertainty, the idea of being included with his friends gave him a more soothing feeling. After all, he could easily ignore House with Chase and Cameron along for the ride.

Friday, September 5th, 2008
2:55 am
Spoiler: 8) Chase has gaydar... because he's gay...
The pop of the trunk was the most welcoming of sounds Chase had heard in the last few moments, though he didn’t truly mind as he strode on for optimism and cheerily sidestepped House on his way to the back of the vehicle. He gently plopped his stuffed suitcase atop the ones already present in the trunk, making sure to settle it in a reachable corner while leaving room for the other three to join them shortly. Shutting the trunk with a heavy clang, Chase grinned widely as he came back around to the front and patted his boss on the chest gently in greeting.

“The middle you said?”

House didn’t even glance at the Australian, tongue rolling in his mouth in irritation before he loosened his jaw and sucked in a breath. “Yes. And keep your filthy Aussie hands to yourself. You’ve probably been touching your wombat.” He watched the blond blink slowly in a mix of apology and general aversion to the topic, a faint blush disappearing as quickly as it showed up in an effort to not give the elder doctor the satisfaction of embarrassment.

It took a few moments of climbing in and squirming before Chase found himself seated beside Wilson, the blond offering a smile before he was practically jostled to the floor as House dropped himself in the seat beside him. Robert frowned as he was shoved over a little more than he thought was necessary, raking his fingers through his hair in exasperation. “I understand you need leg room, but I’m practically in Wilson’s lap here. Can you inch closer to the door?”

“Wilson’s lap is the best seat in the car, what are you complaining about?” House’s smirk flaunted the fact he was under no obligation whatsoever to move, and they both knew Chase didn’t have the guts to just shove him, even when Gregory jutted an elbow uncomfortably into the blonde’s side. Sometimes it was a blessing to be a cripple.

“Well then you ride on his lap if it’s so great.”

The elder doctor’s mind suddenly sputtered back to his earlier thoughts, the scenario was different, but it made the Diagnostician wary enough to shut this game down before someone said something that would result in awkward silence that could be interpreted as… well, House did not want to imagine what else it could be interpreted as. Gregory gave in just enough to not make it noticeable that he was in fact giving in to Chase, tucking his arms against himself and sliding over only enough to let Chase breathe within his own section. “Sorry, there’s a restraining order against my ass. It’s not allowed within two feet of Wilson’s lap.”

A wide grin sculpted itself across the Australian’s face suddenly, sitting back comfortably, he only raised a brow in a knowing manner than made House question ‘what?’. But of course Chase merely shook his head dismissively, offering nothing more than a “Let’s pick up the others before they think we’ve run away without them.” A part of Chase that had obviously been influenced by House cynically smirked inwardly, because maybe it wasn’t just Wilson’s lap that House’s ass needed to stay away from. And sure it was wrong to even think such things, a part of him shivered at imagining his boss having a sex life, but Chase was on vacation, the possibilities were officially endless.
Monday, March 3rd, 2008
3:29 pm
Just Wilson xD The others are boring and doing nothing of importance xDD

Wilson chuckled at Houses comment; he just chose to ignore the man above him. When he saw the flash of blonde hair from a window above, he smiled turning to House. He didn’t seem to like the idea he had to get out for Chase, nor liked the idea of Chase being up front with them. In a choice between Chase and Cameron however, Wilson wanted to make sure it was Chase. Not only was Cameron a love struck puppy for his man, but they never got along to well either. Besides, Chase was harmless and was less likely to cause trouble. Plus in his own way, the young doctor was cute and him being up front would keep House entertained most of the way.  Even though that could either turns out for the better or for the worst. Turning toward the door, he saw Chase standing by House holding his luggage.  Catching the hint, Wilson pressed the button under the steering wheel and the trunk door flew open. He sighed while Chase placed his luggage in the trunk, wishing someone didn’t have to sit between them. If it had not been for House inviting all of them along then this would not be happening. Yes he was a little bitter, but why wouldn’t he be? After all, he only made things worse for both of them. The only positive thing that came from it was the fact that it would be less suggestive, but that could also prevent him from getting anytime alone to actually tell House. His fingered pattered against the wheel a little harder as he recalled how this was going to be difficult. Now he was going to have to get the others some rooms, since the suite he got for him and House was for them. It was easy to imagine all of them assuming it was for all of them due to the size, just like if he had kids, one of the reasons he was not to crazy about it.  They might not be so much of a bother, but in this situation. For now, it didn’t matter, since he was still contemplating on how he was going to tell House, he had a few weeks to think it over.

Thursday, February 21st, 2008
10:18 pm
He had the urge to lather on a few remarks about it not being the first time James’ car was interiorly caked with mud, a drunken haze of his friend picking him up after a college party blurrily came to mind, but Wilson was quick to continue and House lost interest. It wasn’t all that funny anyway, Gregory couldn’t even remember how much he’d drank that night or whose house it had been at.

That matter aside, House made a slightly disgruntled expression at Wilson’s choice, though it slowly ebbed away as a few brilliant ideas crept into his skull. Chase would be the easiest to target to make miserable, the wombat may even spring out of the window from desperation if House worked hard enough. A razor-sculpted grin spread and he swiped over it with the tips of his fingers as he unceremoniously wiped his lips free of food remnants. Chase it was then.

Wilson skittered away to play his ultimately definitive, and effeminate, role as the makeshift maid, cleaning the dishes and making Greg roll his eyes behind the oncologist’s back. Sometimes he wondered, not too deeply though, if James ever swung ‘that way’, at least just for kicks on weekends. It wouldn’t be surprising and House couldn’t find himself caring so long as Wilson remained Wilson and didn’t turn into Cameron, or hell forbid, Cuddy. There would be a new production of sarcastic remarks to make at least, because while House truly loved venomously attacking his friend’s failed marriages, a new routine of some sort really was in order eventually.

He bit his tongue as something prepared to roll off it, numbing the sting with the last swig of beer now warmly collected at the base of his bottle. If House hadn’t been gnawing his mind inside and out earlier about stupid things like his own sexuality, he would have ventured a quip about marrying Wilson just for the security of housekeeping.

“Sure.” It came out like a puff of air; dismissive and laced with the bare minimum of disinterest required to make it apparent something else would follow. House stood with a flickering wince, recovering quickly and shoving all that would fit on his plate before limping into the kitchen once more. He provided Wilson with a smirk dipped heavily in amusement, dropping plate and contents into the sink with a clatter of sharp noise. “Just as soon as you wash those too.”


It was there, faintly at least if not just beneath the layers of boredom. House found that there was a sense of giddy nonsense tumbling somewhere within himself, occasionally surfacing as quick glances at the clock, because shouldn’t they be in New York by now? The most brilliant monster truck rally in history awaited him there, and here they were driving through the quiet back alleys of New Jersey to pick up one of four obnoxious companions instead.

House busied himself reading the map, though it happened to be one of Wisconsin he found buried in the glove compartment, raising his brow as he muttered to himself and risked practically blocking Wilson’s view as he pointed out random information about the faraway state’s features. “There’s approximately seven dairy farms along one section of this expressway, why does anyone need that many dairy farms in a five mile stretch?” Of course he figured Wilson wasn’t even listening, but the talk worked off the anticipation swirling in his head, heightened by the extra Vicodin he had dry swallowed on the way to the car.

He eventually grew bored of the map, the trip to Chase’s apartment was only ten minutes at most anyway, and shoved it messily back into its compartment as he lazily eyed the complex and sneered at the fist waved by the sleep-roused tenant. “Fifty bucks if you flip him off, a hundred if you also call him an asshole.” A cheeky smirk accompanied the bet, House reaching for the sunglasses he had tossed absentmindedly on the dashboard after first getting in, putting them on to cut off the sun that would irritate him until it set. “Speaking of idiots…” His gaze slipped to one of the upper windows where a pointedly familiar blond grinned and waved before disappearing behind a flutter of curtains.

Chase was glad he had dressed when he had, only a minute or two later and there were honks outside that were surely meant for him, only wishing he had had blow dried his hair so he didn’t look quite so haphazard. He cheerily waved down at his boss and Wilson to let them know he would be down, the commotion downstairs ignored as he knew his agitated neighbor would fall back asleep soon and not even remember he had been rudely awakened. Robert picked up what he had set beside the door, glancing over his apartment one last time to make sure he didn’t leave anything behind before shutting the door and making his way down. The first thing to greet him was House’s scowl as the older doctor stood beside the passenger side door.

“You’ve been voted America’s Next Top Model, now get in the middle.”

The Australian blinked blankly before instincts he’d acquired after working for House so long kicked in and he bypassed his boss’s remark to peer into the vehicle at the gentler of the two senior staff. “In the trunk, I assume?” He raised his luggage a bit to indicate that was what he was talking about, knowing from experience that the mutter on House’s behalf was a remark about putting the blond in there instead.
Friday, February 15th, 2008
4:44 pm
And here

As House predicted, one furry brown eyebrow raised leaving the other to sit normally over his warm brown eyes. It appeared that he was not the only one that had been acting weird. For one he took a different spot then normal and there was just something that he assumed was bothering him. It could be numerous things however, his leg, hunger, being a sore loser, you name it and it could be upsetting House. Rather than pester him further, he left it alone and started digging into his chicken. His taste buds shouted with jubilation silently, after all, he didn't want to tut his own horn on how well the recipe came out. He was ripped from his pleasure when House through a classic snarky comment to him, now House was back to normal. A humorous snort escaped from his nostrils, though he feared what would be a result of anything he replied to that statement. Anything he would say could be taken wrong, or in his case right, so he just left it at that. Besides, the amount of time that had come and gone would have made the reply slow, which would incline House to mock him for it. Luckily for Wilson, House had switched subjects rather hastily, his eyes moved up to look at his friend across from him. It was hard not to break out at Houses analysis of their fellow coworkers and boss, though he found the joke about Cuddy especially humorous, but that was due to it had more truth then House's racism. So it came to the two who kissed House's ass more frequently. Though he decided Chase, the reasons being of Cameron and his confrontations in the past and she was more of a threat at taking House from him at least that is what he believed. Could Cameron have a crush on him, it would have been more flattering then her just taking a dislike to him, and Chase as well?

"Mud on the interior would be uncomfortable for all of us, though it would be an interesting half time show at the rally. I vote for Chase." Wilson replied, holding his fork higher slightly to count for his vote.

Only slivers of chicken pieces and chunks of potatoes remained on his plate. Having and empty stomach and hoping to hurry on the road allowed him to eat faster. Then a thought about House in the shower faded into his mind, must have followed from the muddy bodies in skimpy swimwear. Wherever it evolved from, it was there now and a lump formed in the dead center of Wilsons throat. This would be a perfect time to clean the dishes he thought as he scarfed down the remainder of his food. Once his plate was bare he retreated calmly toward the sink, even though his heart beating against his cheat was anything other than calm. Turning the faucet which allowed water to rushed over the plate, rinsing residue down the drain in a hypnotically spiral direction. Once the plate was clean, he replaced it with his hands. Picking up a bottle of regular dish soap, he squeezed a pea size out before spreading it over his hands under the flowing water. The handle was turned off with a wet hand before Wilson tried to preoccupy himself drying his hands on a clean rag. His eyes shifted over to House as he placed the rag on the counter, “So, should we get the others and head out?” he asked.


Wilson was holding the wheel with slight excitement, only being slight because he did not want House to find him strange and regret going. Now they were heading to pick up Chase, since letting House being forced to get out and then back in first would allow him to just kick back the rest of the way. The sun was still high in the sky while they drove, Wilson was confident that they would get some reasonable distance before they had to settle in a motel or hotel, whichever they came to first.  They had enough money to pay for a hotel, but it all depended on where they were. If they did not hit a city, they would be settling for a motel. But he already assumed that they would be making a brief pit stop in a foreign city. Mainly just to look around at some attractions that might be interesting where they ended up. He already booked for a high ranked hotel in New York; they would be able to spend a pleasurable amount of days there.  That would be the highlight of the trip, spending some long days in New York with House. The city had its own charm, beautiful in the sense that many wished to see it. Also being the trip or lovers, which Wilson was hoping would count him and House. It would be difficult, considering the current situation House dragged him into; even if it was better he did not explain why he wanted to go with House only. They pulled up to Chases apartment complex, Wilson tapped the horn a few times. A window flew open as some guy below shouted at him for honking. “Some of us are trying to sleep asshole!” he called out.

Friday, January 11th, 2008
2:17 pm
DDD8 Month old post! [Damn you LJ]
That smartass.

House sniffed in James’ direction in irritation, though mentally he somewhat admitted it was a clever enough comeback, for Wilson at least.

Of course, inhaling even that snippet of air had allowed Gregory to thoroughly taste the array of food his friend was preparing.

And his mouth watered.

The sensual aromas only multiplied as James wandered out. Food in tow of course, because while Wilson did use dabs of cologne to add to his charm, he never quite smelled as good as perfectly seasoned chicken… though he came close.

House mentally slapped a hand over his face as his mouth went dry in an instant. Had he really needed to do that? Add another jumbled note of uncertainty to his list of questionable thoughts? When had he even bothered to notice the way his friend smelled? Well, to be brutally honest with himself, House had noted –and prodded ruthlessly- at James’ perfumation from the moment they had met, but he had never thought it any more provoking than it was. As his mind flung through years of instances, he didn’t find one that pinpointed an exact time or place when James had smelled any more delicious than before. No… wait. Gregory’s teeth ground against each other as he felt a surge of a silent scream gnaw at his brain. James –didn’t- smell delicious, James –never had- smelled delicious, and James –never would- smell delicious because people aren’t food and describing them as such was something pathetic an idealistic romantic would only consider blabbering about in a dollar store novel. And House refused to be an idealistic romantic because it made his stomach hiss unhappily at the preposterousness of it all.

Now where was his food?

The diagnostician sat down at the table with a sag, though for now that was mostly because his leg had been beginning to cramp as he had hooked his cane somewhere in the hall just a moment ago. He had tossed a generous helping of chicken on his plate and stolen the majority of the potatoes, muddled thoughts or not he was still hungry and would not miss the chance to take advantage of Wilson’s generosity, that would just be wrong. He did wish he hadn’t taken his usual seat though, and knew that shifting now would only make Wilson raise a fuzzy brow at him and pester him with a question or two too many for House’s current mood. He was across from James, and while that was certainly better than sitting next to him while his mind insisted on pulling down dizzying thoughts that had no business ruining his day, Greg also didn’t enjoy the idea of having to look at his friend the entire time. But why should it really bother him? There was a flair of anger at himself for a moment as he wound his thoughts around that morsel, and the one at the end of his fork for that matter. He was taking this all wrong, mentally berating himself as though he had done something worth all the internal concentration. House hadn’t even said or done anything that could possibly tip Wilson off. If anything he could always brush the flux away as a result of annoyance, rather than anxiety, of their road trip. That seemed fair, and wholly plausible actually.

Everything seemed sorted now, in his mind at least, and House smirked, shoulders slumping in relaxation as he rudely plopped his elbows on the table and chewed away the last of what was currently in his mouth, jabbing a fork in Wilson’s direction with well-practiced ease of accusation. “’We’ll wash up?’ What, you’re planning on us showering together now? Your cooking’s not that good.” There, see, that wasn’t even awkward to say, what had he been afraid of? Gregory snorted, at himself though it probably came across as though he directed it at Wilson, and fought to free the most stubborn of chicken from the slender bones, giving up and simply gnawing it off before he gave himself finger cramps. He could almost hear his mother’s disapproving Manners speech. “Can’t we strap someone on the roof of the car instead?” He hadn’t really thought about who he’d prefer sitting between them the entire time, and while he wasn’t sure just how long the ride would be, House doubted they’d be comfortable no matter who won the hot seat.

His fork scratched the plate as he scooped a helping of potato up and into his mouth, musing with how he attempted to chew it only to result in really just swishing it around before swallowing. “I’d say Cuddy, but her breasts would knock us out dead if the car hit a pothole. We’d get pulled over every two blocks with Foreman up there, plus he’s not exactly skinny enough to fit comfortably.” A quick swig of beer bubbled down his throat as he half closed his eyes and tried to imagine them canned in James’ car properly, they could always just forget to pick someone up and make the decision easier, but Wilson’s righteousness would probably not allow that to happen. “So it’s between Cameron and Chase, a tie too since they both lust after me and have secret crushes on you. Should we have them compete for the seat in a bikini mud wrestling battle?”


“Come on you damn thing.” Chase muttered to himself, time was tick-tocking away and he was still fighting to get the water at the proper temperature. His building was not as slummy as he really considered it, but at times it seemed like he definitely didn’t receive what he paid for, and the water was one of his top complaints. “I’m going to freeze my balls off…” He pouted, groaning as he knew it was either shower now or never, and took a deep breath before hopping into the under-heated water of the shower head, yipping as the cold shot straight to his bones and made him prickle with goosebumps from toes to nose. Robert just stood there for a moment, clenching his jaw to keep his teeth from chattering, and slowly –oh so slowly- feeling the water spurt warmer water. When sensation came back to most of his limbs, the Australian blinked through the water running over his eyes and dragged the curtain shut to ensure his floor wouldn’t be slick and murderous when he stepped out, and only then did he nab his shampoo and lather his hair until suds slid over his body in ticklish waves. Alright, so the shampoo was made for women, but Chase found that it softened his hair perfectly, and as far as he was concerned it worked better than any of the male targeted shampoos did.

A sudden sneeze overtook him and Chase nearly slipped in the middle of lathering his chest, catching himself against the shower wall with a wrinkled nose “Someone’s talking about you.” He clicked his tongue in humor at who could be doing such a thing, Cameron came to mind first but he quickly dismissed her seeing as how she was probably too enthralled in her packing to even remotely think of him. Cuddy came next, but there was no reason that he could conjure up that would make him worth even the slimmest moment in her thought process. Wilson was just as doubtful of a culprit, did the oncologist even know his first name? And House, well, unfortunately he seemed the most likely of the choices, though Chase was certain no matter what his boss had said it couldn’t have been anything resembling positive.

And it struck him, as he rinsed away the mounds of fluffy suds and thick mats of shampoo, that he hadn’t even considered Foreman. The Australian blinked inwardly as he screwed up his face in moderate confusion and consideration. Well, he supposed Foreman could have been talking about him, but that didn’t seem likely seeing as how he was probably alone in his own place packing as well, gathering up a nice array of clothes to make him look just as well pressed and professional as he did at work. Chase figured Foreman wasn’t one to let his hair down, figuratively that is, even when on vacation, so it would probably be no surprise if Foreman looked the most sensible, like an actual doctor on vacation. There was something to admire about that, though it’d probably be more worthwhile to poke fun at his colleague.

A smile spread over his face and Robert wasn’t even sure why.


There was an itch on her palm that whispered how she should dial up Wilson and ask when he would be arriving to pick her up, but Lisa reminded herself that in this situation she wasn’t in control, and so ebbed away the desire by grabbing something to drink. It was difficult to relinquish her title like this, especially when she wasn’t being swept away by a knight in shining armor to a remote island caste, as her childlike fantasies would have truly enjoyed. Though maybe it was for the best that she wasn’t the one leading this –admittingly odd- vacation.

Knowing her, she would have spent most of the time planning the vacation during the actual vacation time, because Cuddy didn’t exactly have time earlier to do such. This in all would have resulted in annoyance and a mostly unenjoyable vacation for all of them, even in the most positive of scenarios. Her watered down juice left a faintly intolerable taste in the back of her throat, and Lisa shuffled her fingers through a candy dish to fish out a stick of gum, her brows quirking just before she popped it in her mouth. What was she thinking? She was about to go in a car with her subordinates, she honestly could bring herself to call them friends, and all she was doing to prepare was chew on gum?

Shaking her head at her own feeble gesture, Cuddy stood and walked to her washroom, brushing her teeth promptly and more thoroughly than she really had to, as though she were about to receive a surprise visit from her dentist. There, once the last of her toothpaste was rinsed away, she felt better and shook her head at herself before popping the gum into her mouth. Not that she felt as though she had to be completely dolled up for a road trip, but she couldn’t really expect herself to let loose completely, regardless of how far from her desk she would be.

A bottle of perfume caught Lisa’s eye and she sprayed her wrist self-consciously, pressing them lightly against her neck as well so the faint scent of jasmine would cling to her there too.

Now she was ready.
Thursday, November 22nd, 2007
7:41 pm
Yay!! A little post from Cuddy
Wilson just grinned as he heard House enter the door with a slam. He continued to focus on the meal while chuckling softly under his breath. House had stolen a beer for a sense of revenge, but it was alright with him, after he gloated a little he would let go the idea of him winning. His stomach purred softly as he took in the smell of the roasting chicken. It was a joy for him to actually get the chance to practice a new recipe he found on the cooking channel. After all, he was ecstatic to even get the cooking channel now that he was out of the hotel. As he mashed in some spices into a fresh batch of mash potatoes. The perfect insult came to mind once House closed the fridge door.

"Well it works out perfect, you gave me plenty of time to cook." he replied with a smirk.

He decided to leave it at that, he didn't intentionally plan on upsetting House, just being himself was enough. Once the timer went off on the chicken, he was pleased, the excitement gleaming in his eyes. Wilson wanted to make sure that neither of them were hungry while on the road. Hopefully the others would have done the same thing, he sighed slightly to himself. Though the idea of all being together was pleasant in their own ways, he hated the fact that it would be harder to be alone with House and it make sense. But bunking with him would make things easier, even though thinking about telling House the truth made his heart sink to the point of fading hunger. The worse case scenario was still playing in his head, Houses shot or disapproval. It was a good thing House was out of ear shot, or at least he assumed, so he would not pick up on his negative vibes. Pulling the chicken from the oven, steam poured from the opening, along with a tasteful aroma. Placing the pan on the stove, he set the potatoes aside so both were able to cool down. Once things were in order, he too opened the fridge to retrieve a beer from the case of six, well now of only four. Closing it, he sat it on the table before grabbing some plates from the cupboard above and setting them on the table.

"Go ahead and take as much as you want. After we eat, we'll wash up and pick up the others. By the way, who would you prefer to sit in the middle in front?" he asked House from the other room.

Not that the idea of House in the middle was distasteful, he just figured House would not enjoy in the middle. It was rather cramp, especially for him, who needed a little more leg room. Hopefully they agreed on the same person, so there would be no issues on the trip. Once his plate was full, he took his seat at the table and waited for House to sit was well. While he waited, he began to fiddle with his fork, his mind racing with thoughts of his confessions. Plus thinking of House always made his body serge with ecstasy, it was hard to hold in the truth from him anymore. Hopefully this trip would go as planned, and him and House would at least return with their friendship in tact.


Cameron smile once she entered her house. It was nice thinking about the trip to come, seeing all of the others outside of work, what she would see might even shock her. Plus, she wouldn't mind being around House more, with her still major crush on him. Though being around Chase was wonderful as well, but she knew he would be easier to get then House. Her head shook slightly to get rid of those thoughts, even she was thinking that it sounded rather whorish. After she settled her mind, she opened a empty case and began to pack. Rushing all about her room, grabbing numerous things from every direction, she pushed as much as she could fit into her suitcase. The less load the better, so she tried to keep it small, which was difficult for a woman. So in the end, a little was still quite a lot. But it would probably be fine, at least she assumed. Once that was finished, she gazed at the clock, she still had time to get freshened up a bit. Walking into the bathroom, she turned on the water. Rushing warm water soon rose in degree. As a slight amount of steam fell over the tub, she began to remove her clothes until she was bare. Her clothes lay in a heap on the tile floor as she carefully stepped into the pouring water above. With a swift whip of the certain, solitude was hers. Her eyes closed softly as she took a moment to enjoy the warm tingling sensation over her body.

As she scrubbed her skin with her loofah, she began to think about all the others. She was hoping that this trip would bring them all closer somehow, even Houses relationships with them. One thing they all shared about being doctors, it was extremely lonely. As such, all your closest friends are normally doctors as well, or anyone else that worked in the hospital. Other people from the outside were either too free, or couldn't handle their career choice. It was almost like being a cop, you see a lot of things in a hospital that change you. It's almost easy to understand why her scruff boss was so cold and cynical. In her mind, maybe it was his own way of coping, with the job and the loneliness that came with it.

Even House must have felt lonely from time to time, he would never admit it, only reading his looks could tell you. While the soap suds fell down her body, she wondered if maybe that's why so many young doctors looked up to him, not only his mind but his strength. The ability to handle what goes on takes years of experience, something House had a long time at. Hopefully, he would find someone to love that understood him, now that would be a challenge. The sudden thought of Wilson popped in her mind, though it made her laugh, he was the only person she saw that could handle constant House attention. Come to think about it, if examined closely, it was possible that House was also slightly kinder to Wilson then other people. A smile crossed her face at the thought while she stepped deeper into the rain-like water. Maybe those two together made more sense then she thought, though either of them being gay was hard to believe, though you never knew these days. After she washed her hair, she stepped out of the shower and put on a robe. Now, it was time for a quick bite before the others came.


Foreman, now completely ready to be picked up, simply sat in front of the television and flipped through the channels. Passing some that caused his eyes to roll, like MTV with the stereotypical black rapper talking about "bitches and hoes". Honestly, black people were being more demeaned by the day, and it was due to their own actions. It seemed that no one pictures a African-American that could be something more then an ignorant, hateful biggot. He sighed to himself before he set the remote down after landing on the discovery channel. Nothing else was on this early in the afternoon. Besides, hopefully he wouldn't be too long before the others came to pick him up. He picked at a plate of food that was sitting on the coffee table in front of him. Hopefully, this trip would actually be worth it, though he was unsure how great it would be with House there. But who knew, he was a little interested in finding out about his co-workers, since deep down he knew that they were the closest friends he would ever have.
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When had it rained exactly?

The road was slightly slicker than he had hoped for, and while House wasn’t one to take to warnings, he was forced to slow down just enough to keep from slipping and crushing his skull against the asphalt. However, if he wound up in the hospital the upside would be that even Cuddy wouldn’t make him do clinic for at least a year. Worth the damage? Quite possibly yes.

A smirk crossed his face and for the first time since he started his ride he was at ease, muscles relaxing so he could focus on what he was aiming for without worrying about getting roadburn on his face. The questions swarming his mind didn’t disappear though, and while Greg would have liked to wave them off like distant smoke signals, he couldn’t and had to settle for inhaling the scent and letting it singe his lungs. Of all the times for such remarkable insight to occur, it had to be the day of departure of what should have been the most stress free two weeks of his life. Thank God, or whatever, that he at least wouldn’t be trapped with Wilson alone now. Not that he was, scoff, afraid or weary of such a thing.

The other four would be a hindrance, House was so sure of it he would bet his Vicodin, but at least if he started having ‘deep’ thoughts again he could hide away from Wilson by ducking behind Cuddy’s breasts or Chase’s hair. Not that Jimmy boy would catch on, by now Wilson had learned to attribute House’s erratic behavior to drug experimentation or death wishes. Not that Gregory wanted to die, but he was tired of trying to explain that especially to himself. Simply stated, while it would have been enjoyable enough to spend time with James and James alone, as he was really the only person capable of handling House for extended periods of time, any presentable awkwardness would at least be smothered by the annoyance of the other doctors’ presence.

Mentally shaking his head free of thought, because if he kept trying to rationalize and figure the why behind the what he’d crack and wind up doing something stupid, House narrowed his eyes and focused on the road. Precisely, the street that lead to Wilson’s house and House’s victory, except…

“Damn it.”

James had beaten him! How? He was sure that with all the stop and go’s, his madman driving, and trickling traffic would have worked in House’s favor. Apparently not though as glared at his friend’s parked vehicle as though it had personally insulted him. Greg pulled up behind it slowly, his motorcycle’s engine growling in annoyance as it too faced failure. It had been the head start, House was sure of it and would not let Wilson gloat about winning when he had so obviously cheated. The engine died with a purr and his helmet clattered to its designated resting spot as House swung off with as minimal damage as possible. Cane in hand, he step-limped his way to the front door, scowl drawn out for all it was worth as he prepared to meet the buzzing –enjoyment- that would surely be dripping off Wilson’s face.

“You cheated.” It was all he had to say as he practically broke into the quaint home, not even really looking for or at Wilson as he thumped past everything just to raid the fridge for a beer. Fine, so he was a sore loser, but only because had it been fair –and by ‘fair’ House meant he should have gotten the head start- then he would have won. His definition pleased him and there was little motivation to change his mind.


A nod of agreement accompanied his grin as Chase slid out of his colleague’s car and tapped the hood of it lightly in a gesture of departure. “I promise not to hold you up. See you then.” Another smile and this time he offered a small wave before he bounded up the steps to his apartment, already going through his mental list of ‘must haves’. This would be hard. He only had a few hours to pack for two weeks, and the ride there was smaller than he would have liked meaning he’d have to pack lighter than normal. The actual act of packing wasn’t difficult, Chase had done enough packing in his childhood to know how to do it quickly, but that had always been done out of resentment and fear. This time was different, this time he was going for fun.

That Australian sighed as he unlocked his door and tossed aside the mail he had gathered down the stairs, he wouldn’t bother looking at what was there as he’d only wind up distracting himself and pissing off everyone else if they were late. Especially Wilson. A twisted grin wormed its way across his mouth as Chase pulled out his luggage from the crevice of his closet, unzipping it and rustling through what he had never unpacked from his last trip. Wilson sure was hellbent on this trip happening, more than that, Wilson had been acutely aware of what would force House to come. While Chase knew it wasn’t his business to dream up silly ideas or conclusions, he couldn’t help the way he laughed mischievously at the possibilities.

They were both womanizers as far as everyone could tell, but his mum had taught him early on that people overcompensate with the opposite of their true desires. And what was Robert’s true desire then? Essentials, meaning socks and underwear, packed, Chase allowed his tired mind to wander. Evaluating himself wasn’t easy, he could break himself down and end up crying in a ball if he looked too closely, but he wanted the insight to protect himself. Put up a shield as of now so nothing damaging could come up during his, their, vacation.

But it was hard.

All he came up with was that he was too engulfed in needing to be right, needing to be acceptable to House. And of course he already knew that meant he had daddy issues. A snag in his throat was warded away as he picked out slacks and shorts, he wouldn’t allow his father’s death to bring him down. Not now. So he forced a smile as he spotted about as flamboyant of a shirt as he had ever seen. He loved it, of course, because it embodied fun. All bright colors and slightly dizzying, it was Hawaiian apparently and the most American-vacation-necessity he owned. Chase packed it and knew he would probably be ridiculed, but at least he’d finally wear it.

He checked the time and chewed on his lip. Enough time to shower and grab a few more things, hopefully Cameron was a slow packer and would keep him waiting rather than the other way around. The last thing he needed was her coming up looking for him like a naughty child.


No more phone calls about exploding equipment. No more headaches about which department needed more funding. No more worrying about what patient was suing them this week.

No more.

At least for two weeks.

Lisa Cuddy felt her face soften into the first real smile of her life. Perhaps that was an exaggeration, but it honestly felt that way. Signing off on a few things before she disappeared from her beloved hospital, she stepped into the fresh air and truly appreciated what was about to happen. No more yelling at incompetent, mouthy, lazy employees. While she quite enjoyed the yelling part sometimes, she wasn’t a fan of doing it every hour for things that were really more common sense than anything else. She needed this, she needed the break and needed it badly.

There were other things she needed too, but aside from House –who always seemed to know exactly what it was she was craving even without her permission-, no one else had to know. And it wasn’t just pent up hormones and the fact she had spent the past months alone, so immersed with work that her social life appeared to have been auctioned off to a hermit, it was that she didn’t even dare to imagine a life different from what she had. Dating was such a laborious task now, finding a date was even worse. Men didn’t seem to appreciate competent women, or maybe she just didn’t know where to look.

She would have to ask Cameron how she did it. Not that Cuddy was very aware of what any of them did to pick up others, but being the only female she knew well enough to even bother asking, Cameron seemed like a good choice. That and the younger doctor wouldn’t ridicule her out of respect and out of kindness. Cuddy could pick out when Foreman was being forcibly polite, and Chase was more of a brown-noser than anything, but when Cameron was sincere… Cuddy never doubted it. And it was refreshing because she had begun to lose hope in humanity in general, not really but House told her she had, and sometimes she just didn’t feel up to fighting him.

At any rate, she was home and packaging the last of what she needed. Nothing special in particular, and probably less than she should really take, but having grown up with brothers, Lisa was well aware of how snug car rides could be. And if push came to shove, she would at the very least out survive the rest of them.
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Wilson’s eyes stayed locked on the bright crimson light above him. His hands had a stranglehold on the leather circle of his wheel. The tingling warmth between his legs was getting harder to stand. His nostrils flared as a deep intake of air filled his lungs. Suddenly, a flash of green light entered the corner of his eye, his car screeched slightly as he sped ahead. As his eyes made their way to the road before him, he spotted a motorcycle behind him at the red light. House was only a few feet behind him. Facing forward, his foot leaned in, pushing the petal near the floor. A small smile crossed his face as he chuckled, the race was getting close. He wondered if House had even recognized his car in front of him. Suddenly, the sensation below vanished and a sigh of relief was released. Now, his smile turned into a grin with gleaming teeth. For once, he might actually win a race and taunt House. No matter who won, the other was bound to tout their horn and bust the others. But it would not be as great as getting lunch started for the two of them. And after their plates hit the sink, they would be on their way to New York, with House's whole team. His smile faded as he groaned to himself. One of his hands left the wheel to run through his hair, pushing it out of alignment.

He was now joined with the daily traffic, not unbearable; it was just a change of pace from driving down the road with only two other cars with him. Glancing back into the small oval mirror above, he could no longer spot House's bike. Turning to the road, he just concentrated on the drive.  House's face would be so amusing if he had managed to win. If House won however, he still would have gotten a treat (Ha! for Halloween). Watching House do victory jumps, twirls or other actions always seemed to brighten his day. Even if House was usually using such maneuvers to rub his genius in the faces of others, Wilson always got a kick of seeing what new move he would do.

Then it came again, the sensation which surrounded his whole being.

Pushing it aside in his mind, he tried to focus on something else, looking around at the surrounding cars trying to pick out any that were not driving properly so he could drown his feelings of affection with road rage. To his dismay, it was a calm day for the fellow drivers. Coming to the highway, he gained speed, attempting with this new approach to rid himself of his sinful desires. Within no time, he reached his exit and pulled into it, slowing down to the intimidating red. His fingers leaned over and flipped to one of his saved radio stations, plan C, drown in music. As the music filled his car, he passed the red light and snaked his way to his home. It was about time he finally got a house, moving away from the dreadful hotel room for one.

It was nothing too special, a simple one story home covered on both sides by trees. There was a fresh, green lawn in front, the walkway lined with designer stones. In the front was a porch bench with an awning over the top of it. The same sat in the backyard, only back there was a table with a set of chairs. The backyard was beautiful as well and Wilson had been saving money for a pool. Smiling, he pulled his car into the drive and smiled as he jerked the stick into park. Getting out of the car, he walked into the house twisting his keys in a circle on his index finger. Opening the door, he walked in and scanned the area, seeing if he was alone.


Cameron chuckled, nodding in a silent agreement to his statement. It was rather strange now that she thought on it; they would be doing the opposite of what they normally did. But for her, she saw it as a way to get closer to all of her workers. After all, it was likely that they would be seeing each other for nearly the rest of their lives if not to the end.  Like Chase, she too saw them as family, at least better than her own. Inside, she was still slightly sour about her family reunion getting canceled. She rarely saw all of them anymore; some of her favorite relatives lived far. Plus, with all the hours she spent at the hospital, the others had developed roles of a family. House was like a father, Foreman took role as an annoying brother, Wilson was like the distant uncle you would enjoy being around, but also fought and the fights would be related to spitting venom. Chase was the cousin you crushed on and had experimented with…on numerous occasions. And Cuddy…she was not certain about Cuddy, possibly she could be a mother or even a sister…or, before her brain could process anything else, she heard Chase speak up again.

Her eyes glanced to him, but made their way back to the road in a cycle as she listened. He did raise a plausible point; it was rather strange hanging with their bosses. Though for her Cuddy was more bearable then House was, they seemed to get along better. She could recall the time they both were in on the same trick played on House. Come to think of it, she spent very little time with Cuddy at all. Usually she saw more of House each day, but with Cuddy, she was someone she could see herself hanging out with. It always grew tiresome, surrounded by men all hours of every day. Cuddy was the only other female in their group, so maybe with her, Cameron wouldn’t get so lonely. She was not sure how to respond to Chase, so it was a lift when he brought up another point.

Turing to him, she smiled again.

“Sure, though you will have to do the same for me. I’m sure on this vacation, letting loose will be risking us being fired. But you know House can’t stand it without us, he doesn’t have the balls to fire us unless it’s a result of something to do with the profession.”  She explained.

She was sure that Houses words were usually empty threats; honestly, this vacation would give them two weeks of relaxation and free from the possibility of a pink slip. Once she had stated her reply, she pulled next to the apartment complex where Chase lived. Smiling, she unlocked the door and turned to him.

“I’ll see you in a few hours, I have to go and pack quickly.” She stated, remembering Wilson's mood and desire to leave today. So, she would see Chase and the other when Wilson picked her up.

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“Out running a cripple, how noble.” House scowled to himself, a hint of amusement curling an edge of his mouth despite making sure that Wilson saw nothing of it and only caught on to the annoyance. The Oncologist’s hair was ruffled by the wind as he shouted out the window and passed by in a blur of auto and desperation to win. Gregory wondered to himself just how long it would take his friend to fix it back up into the fluff of perfection suited only for alter boys and James Wilson. If Wilson were Christian, he would –so- be an alter boy. Damn Judaism getting in the way.

Not that House had any desire to see the other doctor dolled up as an alter boy.

After all, he wasn’t a pedophile.

And it humored him, as he dug through shallow pockets for his motorcycle’s keys, that he should have, but hadn’t, thought ‘I’m not a gay pedophile’. But that did not settle well within his ticking tangle of a mind for some bogglingly out of reach reason. Which was fine, really, but it made the circuits of his brain itch like a bad case of crabs. But it did make him wonder.

Wonder about the scaffolding affixed to his framework, wonder about the jumbled mess of innards he held with no further regard than to name his guts. What did it mean to be straight anyway? Certainly he had slept with enough women to be far from angled, but he wouldn’t deny being just a little bent if quite forwardly asked. And they’d know what he really meant. Right? Right. Right…

Was he questioning his subconscious sexuality now?

“I’m not gay.” It wasn’t reassurance, because that was for spineless morons, it was a positive on his behalf. An intern just jumbling his way out of his car paused for a half-step, peering at House questioningly, and House grinned maliciously back with a waggle of his brow. “Well, for you, maybe.” That sent the young man scurrying with a definite scarlet hue spread across his cheeks. Teach him to eavesdrop on private conversations.

Back to the matter at hand.

House was trained well in the areas of psychology, medical school and living in New Jersey had been plentiful enough reason for it. He claimed no specialty, but he had always admired Freud’s cocaine-induced fits of nonsense. The unconscious harbored what it meant to be human, the raw untamable heat men feared and shackled down by law and moral guilt. But despite all the chains and cloaks and smoke tinged mirrors, there was no hiding the inevitable destructive power of true humanity forever. The unconscious was like a sewage tank; in constant use, filling up with shit and unmentionables, with hopes that it’ll never burst and spray the whole damn load. But just like everything else manmade, even the best of tanks are liable to leak, dripdripdrip away in the back where you can’t notice until it’s too late. And you become so accustomed to the dripdripdrip, that you don’t even hear it.

But everyone else can.

And what had been the issue at hand anyway? Oh yes, his heterosexual versus homosexual impression of himself. Why hadn’t he told himself he wasn’t gay? There were two possibilities sizzling in his mind as he swerved to miss a truck as he suddenly realized he was driving, riding really. He couldn’t even remember turning on the motorcycle, much less hopping on and making sure his head was strapped to a helmet. Well, too late if it wasn’t –though it was-.

House was comfortable with himself, very much so or he never would have dared utter ninety percent of what he blurt out. So he was either so comfortable with himself that he was securely attached to the notion that he was thoroughly straight –he’d never propositioned a male prostitute after all-, or he was so comfortable with himself that he was absentmindedly dancing on the edge of promiscuous insanity. So which was it?

A light flashed red and Gregory barely screeched to a halt, swearing under his breath as he counted the wasted seconds he could have made useful to gain distance. Wilson would beat him and House would never hear the end of it, he could already see that delighted smirk dancing on James’ mouth. The smirks did suit him though, it gave Jimmy that sinful edge he otherwise never allowed himself to brim with. No wonder the girls fell fast and hard for him, Wilson was the good boy with a hidden kink. Anyone would fall for him, even-

House felt his knuckles tense and the skin toughen to accommodate the thrust of silence in his mind. A car honked behind him and he quickly caught up with the fact the light was green now. Going 45 on a 30 was illegal and probably a little risky, but Gregory had the sudden need to purge his thoughts and focus on the task at hand, on what was most important right now.

Winning, he had to win. He had to beat Wilson and scoff in his boyish face, wave his cane triumphantly and show him that he was secure, that he was right, that he knew himself.

And as he sped up and did an illegal pass, hunching over just slightly more to gain speed, House narrowed his eyes to the hush in his mind, his own voice laughing and twisting it all into a bitter knot of mockery.

…Everybody lies.

Chase had done it all on automatic, following Cameron in a stupor and bidding Foreman goodbye while he slide tentatively into his colleague’s vehicle. It was nice to see a different route away from the hospital as they drove from Plainsboro and wound up tangled up in light traffic. It was a pretty day out too, sort of a shame to be confined in a space so small that they could hear each other’s breathing if they thought too hard. Funny how in just a matter of hours he, and all of them really, would be so willingly piling up into another vehicle as a warped representation of fun.

It wasn’t until Cameron smiled at him brilliantly and spoke that Chase was torn from his mindless wandering to focus on what was happening here and now. Nothing much, but the pleasantry was welcome and the Australian grinned with a soft shake of his head. “We’re usually so eager to get out of the conference room and just go home, now we’re all excited to hang out.” Though he supposed it was a proper vacation. He certainly had no where or no one to go with else where, and why not just kick back and see the other sides to everyone he’d grown to regard as family? Though he doubted there were any other sides to House, he was just a sardonic bastard through and through.

Chase felt a chill race up his spine at what sort of humiliating antics House would come up with if he grew bored. Probably get them lost on the road just for the fun of it. On or off the clock, he knew the cripple wouldn’t stop to second guess any of his warped yearnings.

“I just hope it’s not weird though…” Chase crumpled his brow for the moment and gave a bemused smile, shrugging the clutter of thoughts loose so he could either make sense of or ignore them all together. “I mean, House and Cuddy, they’re our bosses. Who goes on vacation with their boss?” A light-hearted laugh and he wondered how many of the hospital’s staff were placing beats on who’d make it out alive or at least most sane. “Promise me one thing, if I start to do something stupid, or something that could get me fired… warn me?”
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Wilson gave a smirk as he looked behind him, seeing the other doctor limping toward him. Though things would be different on the road, there they would be evenly matched. But getting to the car first would give him a head start. He figured that House could just leave his bike at his house while they went off for the two weeks. By this time, they were out of the parking lot, as he looked back he could see the other doctors exiting the elevator inside the hospital. Now he decided to run, since House had a closer parking space being a handicap. So he rushed forward, his coat flying behind him revealing his sexy work attire. Pressing the button he unlocked his door and hoped in. Turning on the car and putting it in reverse. Once he was settled in the leather seat, he passed by House and shouted out to him.

"See you at my place!" he called out with a smile.

Before House could reply, though he normally wouldn't, Wilson rolled up the window as he left the parking lot. Once he was out in the road he slowed down. The needle lingered on the forty mark on his speedometer. Rushing past the trees that rested above his hood, leaving strange shadow designs on his car and lap. One thing he would give the hospital was that it was surrounded by the beauty of nature. Though lonely, life for him was comfortable. It was nice to just drive home and to work everyday, but arriving to work was always more of a pleasure. His chest felt warmer as he began to think of House. His tongue rolled under his lips and along his teeth to try and distract his thoughts. The seating was already planned. House and him would be up front, though with someone between them of course. Since House had romantic innuendos with Cameron and Cuddy, they would not be sitting near him. Instead, he figured that Foreman would be a good one to have the spot, since House and him had no chances of a relationship. Then Cuddy, Cameron and Chase could be in the back. Maybe place Chase in the middle, but that could be worried about later. Once the planning seized, House made his way back into his mind.

It was insane how he thought about his friend so much. Greg was like the tumor you could not burn, a constant strain on the mind. The tapeworm feeling came back again, which made him think that maybe it was something like that. It couldn't be, most likely it was being excited for the vacation with House. Of course he would be rooming with him, which made his heart rush with blood. Then it seemed that it was not the only thing that had blood rushing through. Looking down he cursed to himself as he slowed down at a red light. His fingers strummed on the wheel as he tried to ignore the sensation below. He had no plans of speeding so long as House was not anywhere close to him. The race was still on, but it was not enough to get rid of the thoughts of House. It seemed nothing ever was.


Cameron followed after Chase at a equal pace. She wanted to get home, pack and shower. Possibly have a little lunch to hold her over along the way to their first rest stop. As they left the building, she caught site of House rushing for his bike. This was a slightly confusing site as she rushed over to House. She had always been the type to wonder what House was up to and it was usually the same with the others. But it seemed House was in a rush, so she decided to let him go. Besides, if he was in a hurry, he would have ignored them or giving them a sarcastic rude comment. Plus, she also wanted to get home as soon as possible. She waved as Foreman said his good-byes to them. Cameron turned back and headed for her car with Chase. After unlocking it she hoped in and headed down the street. Chase had the seat beside her and they witnessed a few moments of silence. Then, she turned to him and smiled.

"I can't wait to go on this vacation. I never thought we would all be taking one together." she said.

Foreman looked confused at Houses weird antics, but he decided not to ask. All he wanted to do was get home and pack for the trip. It was still early so he knew they would be driving a nice distance before the night approached them. He waved and said good-bye to Chase and Cameron and rushed to his car. He got in and left the parking lot before the others had. When he passed House he placed a hand out the window, his way of a silent bye. Then he left the parking lot and headed down the road. This one was the same one Wilson had taken, but he turned before the light so he didn't get to see him. Once he was in the clear, he turned the radio to the local jazz station and cruised on home. To be honest, he was looking forward to this trip with the others. To him, all of them were his family, a very dysfunctional family. Even House was considered apart of that, he was like the annoying brother you somewhat disliked. All in all, he cared for all of them. Though he would not show it like he should, but he figured they all knew. He let one of his arms drop as he left one hand on the wheel. Grabbing his sunglasses with the other hand, wanting to keep his eyes safe from the sun rays.

Soon he arrived home and pulled into the drive. As he turned the car off the music was silenced and left as fast as it came. He opened the door, triggering the sound that alarmed the driver the door was open. It continued until Foreman shut the door and headed up to the house. It was a small house, a casual two bedroom house and two bathrooms. It was quite comfortable inside, though it was also very empty when he was alone. Walking inside, he turned on the lights and headed to his bedroom. Retrieving the suitcase from the back of the closet and trowing it on the bed. First he would finish packing, then he would shower and eat. He had failed to shower this morning because he was working overtime. It was not because he needed to, but rather that he wanted to so he would not be bored. So, he wanted to smell decent before he sat in a cramped car with five other people. For the suitcase, he grabbed mostly some casual clothes, also grabbing some dressy clothes for special occasions. He even grabbed some swim trunks, you never know when their would be swimming.
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The exchange happened in an instant. House offered the wrap up of his apology with a blink, slow and laced with a semblance of regret, while Wilson watched and looked away, absorbed in the 3, 2, Ground blink of buttons before them. For an extended moment Greg figured the Oncologist was going to be a brat and huff away silently, maybe even shake his head in exasperation, perfect hair ruffling out of place and still landing in a decent style. With Jimmy looking no less upset, the Diagnostician’s shoulders went from rigid to a slump, not so much out of defeat as out of disappointment, because the mention of food had already riled up his stomach as it churned quietly and expectantly for fine dining á la Jimmy.

But then Wilson’s lips quirked sharply and Gregory was left in a state of –denied- admiration and relief, reveling in just how well suited his friend’s face was to softer expressions and boyish charms. So much so that what the Oncologist said remained unregistered until after James had taken at least ten brisk steps, House clearing up his pseudo-shock and grinning like a wolf.

A race, an actual race.

This would be fun.

The doors of the elevator chimed as they trembled and lurched forward, House slapping his hand on one side and putting enough force on it to make the elevator stop and think before opening again with a sigh. Wilson was already ahead and Gregory would need to kick into high gear if he expected to leave the Oncologist choking on his dust. Or motorcycle fumes, either, rather both, would be just fine.

“Nice try, but I’ve already won this race.” Because there wasn’t any way in Hell that a single red light was going to slow him down, and yellow did mean speed up, right?

House just hoped Tritter wasn’t in the area and in need of giving another speeding ticket.

The Australian avoided Foreman’s raised brow in an effort to refrain from blushing. Because really, what had he meant by such a silly statement? Foreman could easily kick his ass if he tried anything, not that he would because Chase was, as far as he was concerned, straight. He hadn’t slept with Cameron for nothing, after all. Well, she had coerced him into it with body and a few heat tangled words, but it wasn’t as though she had made him do it against his will. He’d do it again too, if Cameron was ever so inclined to shack him up again, though her previous teasings about how quick he was did slide him away from the idea ever so slightly.

The humor in the other doctor’s statement eased Chase enough that he cracked another grin and snickered silently, avoiding catching Cameron’s attention as he still needed a ride. Plus a pissed off Cameron wasn’t very pleasant, her passive aggressive retaliation could knock a giant off his feet, so Chase tiptoed around the jibe and tried to placate his ex-bedmate with a soft tone. “He’s just messing with you Cameron. Because Foreman knows you won’t want to sit on his lap.” The blond crinkled his nose at the image, puzzling over the unsettling feeling in his stomach as he wondered just what it meant. It was like indigestion, not something bad enough to double over, but just ill enough to make him swipe his tongue around his mouth to shove away the dirty taste.

What would bring such a reaction on? He brooded for a moment before the vague notion that maybe, maybe just maybe, he still had a thing for Cameron that would make him grouch at the idea of her swooning for someone else. But that didn’t make very much sense. Sure Cameron was attractive, but she could be bossy and a pushover with the right moves. But she was attractive… and probably the only woman he’d slept with since moving from Australia. The idea of having fallen in love boggled his mind and Chase quickly shoved it aside. Maybe he was just horny? That seemed to placate his brain and he suddenly felt shallow. Great, so his attractions were to be based on sexual desire only? That was particularly horrifying and demeaning, why couldn’t he see Cameron as a friend? Like how he saw Foreman? No sexual tension there, just good old companionship…

At least, he thought so.

The matter was beginning to jumble him up and Chase was exceptionally glad when the elevator opened and let them out, Chase being the very first to flee and take a deep breath. Being trapped with his own thoughts for too long didn’t seem safe, how on earth would he survive the whole vacation? Perhaps he should consider packing duct tape for his mouth…
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